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sabato 22 giugno 2019

SUMMER MASTER CLASS con Kat De Blois, Simon Lee, Donna King, Nan Schwartz e Christine Grimandi



Se ieri vi ho segnalato il casting di Biancaneve, il nuovo musical di TATO RUSSO,  che vedrà la SUPERVISIONE MUSICALE DI SIMON LEE, oggi vi propongo una masterclass che lo vede tra tra i docenti, insieme a Kat De Blois e Christine Grimandi.

Nan is a Grammy Award winning (Natalie Cole) and five-time nominated Grammy Award arranger.
She is also a seven-time Emmy Award nominee for her musical compositions for film and television (In the Heat of the Night).

As a conductor and orchestrator, Nan has worked on such major Hollywood films as Argo, Benjamin Button, Godzilla, Harry Potter and Julie & Julia.
She produces and writes for the Latin market and has performed sold-out concerts at Herb Alpert’s Vibrato Jazz Grill.

As well as lecturing and conducting internationally, a symphonic album of her orchestral compositions has just been released on Divine Art Records.


Donna King is a dancer, singer, actor, and lover of life!

She danced her way from Kansas to Vegas before flying into New York on a trapeze opening night of Studio 54. She conquered the Great White Way originating roles in several Broadway hits, most notably the original Cats as Bombalurina, before moving to England where she played the leading role in "Kiss of the Spiderwoman" in London's West End.

Donna won the Time-Out Critic's Choice Award playing Frank in ''Frank's Closet".
She then wrote and performed her political-satire "A Girl Called George" and the musical 'Showgirl' based on her experiences.

Donna runs a studio in Camden Town where she coaches the next generation in music, theatre, and film.

She has two children with theater designer John Napier.
Her son Jimmy Napes, is an award-winning music composer amd producer who has recently been nominated for an Oscar.
Her daughter Jessica Napier graduated from Harvard University. She lives in New York City and works as a fine artist, actor, teacher and writer.

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