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mercoledì 1 aprile 2015

1st Edition of Le Montreal International Animated Film Festival (MIAFF)

Ricevo e pubblico questo comunicato per gli anglofoni ;). Siamo internazionali...

"Montreal, Friday, March 27th, 2015 – Montreal-based film producer, Laurie Gordon (producer of Ryan Larkin’s final film, Spare Change) is set to launch Animaze/Le Montreal International Animation Film Festival (MIAFF).
The festival will be Montreal’s first to be exclusively focused on animation in both cinema and technology. Ms. Gordon, together with sponsors TELETOON, Meridien Hotel, TOONBOOM, FilmFestivals.com, Rosalie, KMF COM, and key members of the MIAFF team, will be holding a presentation for the media.

To be presented are: le MIAFF’s world-scale, world-class dimension - participants will come from as far afield as South Africa, Japan, Israel, Iran and Germany, Argentina, in addition to a strong Montreal-based contingent. Also to be presented are the industry conferences, and the MIAFF’s promotion of linkages between Montreal-based animators and related specialists, as well as this year’s international partners.

“Being a Montrealer, and a film producer, I envisaged le MIAFF! to celebrate  animation in all its forms whether through film and technology, video games... all very strong industries in Montreal.  Le MIAFF/ANIMAZE unites all of these sectors for great celebration in Montreal facilitating interplay among the various players and bringing together everyone engaged in animation in all its forms, while providing an opportunity to promote such a key sector of Montreal's economy and culture", said Ms. Gordon".

1st Edition of Le Montreal International Animated Film Festival (MIAFF), announces launch and partnership with TELETOON, Meridien Hotel, TOONBOOM, FilmFestivals.com Animation World Network (AWN.com), Rosalie, and more
Programming, sponsors, industry conferences, Montreal University and CEGEP participation all to be presented
Rosalie Restaurant, Tuesday March 31st

Source: JMIAS.com

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